The iPhone will feature “use Face ID when wearing a mask.”

The developers of the American company Apple have added a face recognition function to the beta version of the iOS 15.4 operating system update for mobile devices, which will work even with a protective mask on. This was reported by the MacRumors portal, specializing in information, forecasts and rumors about Apple’s new products.

In the technology settings for unlocking a smartphone using Face ID face recognition, the function “use Face ID when wearing a mask” has been added. The portal posted a screenshot of the corresponding tab.

“The most accurate operation of Face ID is provided only when scanning the entire face. For the app to work correctly when wearing a mask, the iPhone recognizes unique facial features in the area around the eyes. When wearing a mask, you need to look directly at the device,” the explanation for the function says. In addition, unlocking will be able to work correctly, even if the user has put on a mask and glasses.

MacRumors assumes that the feature tested in the new update will be available only on newer models of the company’s devices, such as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.