Apple has taken active action against a Chinese citizen touting stolen iPhone prototypes. The company intends to end this practice, especially in the context of the upcoming iPhone 13 premiere. The new flagships are expected to be unveiled in September.

The company claims that providing information about future products affects public opinion and, accordingly, interest in the devices. Leaking data in this way not only damages Apple’s image, but also reveals features that the company wants to keep secret until the premiere.

The tech giant wants an anonymous Chinese citizen to stop receiving, advertising and selling information about future Apple devices. In parallel, the company wants to receive data on all sources that provide confidential information about new Apple products. These actions violate not only the law, but also the trade secrets of the tech giant.

A Chinese citizen is accused of deliberately publishing information about illegally acquired prototypes. The spread on social media and other online platforms showcases the design and key features Apple is working on.

The user is given 14 days to share the sources from which he draws information. Otherwise, the police will continue their investigation and may turn to direct charges.

Apple is trying to get people publishing data about future iPhones to stop this practice. This is a problem that severely damages technology economically and marketing.

Apple is not the only manufacturer faced with data breaches on future products, but it looks like they will actively try to deal with the situation.