Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman continues to share details about upcoming Apple innovations. He recently talked about the updated iPad mini, and now he also shared information about the new older version of the iMac.

According to an insider, Apple will increase the diagonal of the new product. It will be over 27 inches. In addition, the company will add several changes to the device, which are now in the 24-inch version. That is, a thin body, studio microphones and, of course, a proprietary ARM processor. According to Gourmet, it could be SoC M1X (improved version of M1) or even M2X (improved version of M2). Unfortunately, there is no information yet when this version of the iMac will hit the market.

By the way, in a recent note, Mark Gurman also said that Apple wants to add a Touch ID fingerprint scanner to its smartwatches, but it’s definitely not worth waiting for in the near future.