Since its release on PS5 last November, Spotify has supported music streaming, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while you play. However, the console may soon receive support for another service: Apple Music.

The first hint came earlier this week when a Reddit user posted a photo of the Apple Music icon that appeared on the PS5’s music menu. Apparently, the option came after the user created a new account and tried to link it to Spotify. However, the app doesn’t seem to work – a Reddit user also shared a photo of the message “This app is only available on PS4”, which Eurogamer says is a standard error message when the app is unavailable.

The same publication reported that its journalists were also able to see the Apple Music option when creating a new account in the United States, although this was not possible to play the music. The misbehavior of the Apple Music option suggests that a Reddit user and Eurogamer may have received premature information that Sony and Apple are working on this.

The two companies recently worked together on an Apple TV Plus promotion for PS5 owners, so there seems to be a connection between the two. Apple unveiled Apple Music on Samsung smart TVs last year, signaling that the company is ready to expand service availability beyond Apple platforms. In addition, the app came out just days before Apple’s October 18 event, at which Apple and Sony could announce the app on PS5.