Like the Google Home Max in its day, the expensive HomePod version will cease to be marketed without a replacement.

Released in 2018, Apple HomePod was priced at $349 and its quality and features did not match its market price. In addition, user experience has shown that the device can damage wooden surfaces on which it stands for a long time. As a result of Apple’s updates, some of the device’s problems were solved and the price dropped. But today Apple announced that it is discontinuing the original HomePod in favor of a mini version.

In turn, Apple said that technical support for existing devices will still continue and the company is working on new updates. Apple HomePod will still be available Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores. The company will focus on developing the $99 HomePod mini, which was unveiled and released last year. Because this device can make the best competition for analogs from Google and Amazon.

The overall HomePod trend is similar to the Google Home Max, which also failed to compete with other devices due to its high price tag.