The option can be used by customers from the USA.

The American company Apple plans this year to begin the gradual launch of an option for entrepreneurs that allows them to accept contactless payments using the iPhone. According to a statement published on the company’s website on Tuesday, a number of legal entities will be able to use the function in the spring.

“Regardless of whether you are an online store seller or an individual entrepreneur, you will soon be able to accept contactless payments using a device that is already in your pocket – your iPhone,” a representative of Stripe, the first payment platform that will offer its customers a new payment method, is quoted in the statement. It is noted that other payment platforms will start working with the new feature later this year.

The new feature, which was given the name Tap to Pay, will allow you to accept Apple Pay, credit and debit cards using an iPhone device without using a payment terminal thanks to NFC technology. The statement says that customers from the United States will be able to use the option. It is not reported whether it will be available to users from other countries.

The feature will be supported on iPhone XS and later versions of the smartphone.