Today kicked off the worldwide developer’s conference Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple company showed a lot of interesting things:

Showed the trailers of the projects that will run on an AppleTV. By the way, karaoke will appear in the service. You can also connect Xbox and PlayStation controllers to AppleTV.

Apple Watch has got support for audiobooks and audio notes, as well as a calculator and health care system. And the watch is equipped with its own applications that do not depend on the iPhone.

iOS got a number 13. FaceID becomes 30% faster. Programs will occupy 50% less memory, and the size of updates will be reduced by 60%. And IOS-13 got a dark theme and stickers based on Memoji.

Updated AirPods. Through the headphones, you can send text messages via Siri Kit, and you can also be shared with your friends to listen to the tracks at the same time.

New operating system iPadOS was presented. Improved multitasking (for example, you can run two windows with one application) and redesigned home screen. Also implemented a system of simple touches, which will make it easier to edit texts.

Showed the new Mac Pro — the most powerful Apple computer. The device is equipped with a 28-core Intel Xeon processor and MPX graphics module, which contains two graphics cards, giving the performance of 58 teraflops. The amount of RAM — 1.5 TB.

iTunse divided into AppleMusic, ApplePodcasts, and AppleTV. Syncing will no longer be offered when you connect your iPhone to your computer.
Submitted macOS 10.15 Catalina. the iPad can be used as a second screen or a graphics tablet. In addition, macOS received full support for voice control for the first time.

Public testing of new products will be available in July, and full versions should be available in autumn 2019.