At the same time, the AppStore app store continues to function, and iOS updates come to the devices of Russian users.

Apple has refused to sell the new iPhone SE, Mac Studio and the updated iPad Air in Russia since the spring presentation, according to the official statement of the company. This information was confirmed by a source in the smartphone market. Sales of the iPhone SE in other countries started on March 18.

The company has stopped selling devices and supplying new devices to Russia, but has not yet left the Russian market – the AppStore application store continues to function, and iOS updates are coming to Russian users’ devices. Apple also continues to provide services for Russians.

After the start of the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Apple announced the termination of sales of its products in Russia and restrictions on the operation of services. Official distributor of equipment Apple Re:Store also closed a chain of stores in Russia for one day, currently stores continue to operate normally.