Analysts said Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency policy has led to a drop in advertiser revenues. Brian Bowman, head of mobile marketing for Consumer Acquisition, says some customers have cut revenue by up to 40%. Writes about this Apple Insider.

Bowman said the iOS rule change has had a devastating impact on the industry. Advertisers have noticed not only a drop in revenue, but also an increase in non-organic traffic. This suggests that customers can no longer tailor ads to a specific audience.

At the same time, it is still difficult to determine the full scale of what happened, because the number of users who have accepted the new conditions is not known for certain. The expert claims that a more tangible effect will be noticeable in a month, when more than 80% of users will update the OS.

Presumably, the changes will not affect large companies that own popular services, since they are able to independently track the interests of users. The changes will mainly affect small and medium-sized businesses, which cannot invest a lot in advertising.

App Tracking Transparency rules came into effect last spring. Shortly after they went into effect, analysts noted that iOS advertiser spending fell by a third. In addition, the demand for advertising in Android OS increased by 46%, and its cost by a third.