Scientists from the UK have studied five ancient circular structures that researchers discovered last year in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

The find was widely publicized in March 2021, when scientists announced an upcoming archaeological excavation. Last year, a Scottish man was preparing land to build the foundation of a barn. During the work, he discovered incomprehensible circular structures that contained human remains and ancient artifacts.

Earlier, artifacts were already found on this territory, back in 1990. However, the recent finds turned out to be so large-scale that archaeologists decided to excavate in the area.

In the course of them, scientists found the foundation of a larger-scale structure. According to researchers, this find is of great importance. Presumably, this place used to be a drinking hall, possibly located in the center of the legendary capital of the Vikings – Skilvoigand.

Scientists note that the uniqueness of this excavation site also lies in the fact that the ancient structures were not disturbed by later medieval burials or modern dwellings. The area of ​​the excavation site is at least 4000 km². And yet, it has not yet been established what exactly these circles represent.