Archaeologists in Israel have discovered an unusual artifact

Archaeologists working in the northern part of the City of David in Old Jerusalem have discovered a 2700-year-old weight at the base of the Western Wall. According to scientists, it was used to cheat in the trade.

Archaeologists have discovered a cargo that was used for trade in ancient Jerusalem. The find was 14 mm in diameter and 12 mm in height. The cargo is made of hard limestone. On the surface of the kettlebell, scientists found engravings indicating that its weight is two heres, that is, 0.944 grams. Despite this, in fact, the load weighs almost three times more, at least 3.61 grams.

Two experts in archeology, Eli Shukron of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hagai Cohen Colonimus explained this discrepancy in the data by the fact that the cargo was used in trade to deceive people. Carrying heavy and light weights, merchants used them appropriately when buying or selling goods.

In turn, the newspaper The Jerusalem Post notes that this type of fraud is described in detail in the Bible, where it is sharply criticized.

The full results of the excavation will be published on Friday as part of the City of David research conference book of the Megalim Institute for the Study of Judaism in Israel.

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