An archived snapshot of Meghan Markle as a bridesmaid caught the attention of netizens. Former friends and relatives of the American actress have repeatedly publicly declared the complex nature of the celebrity.

Due to high demands and unique moral norms, Markle managed to quarrel with her own father, some friends and Queen Elizabeth herself.

Megan managed to keep in touch only with her childhood friend, Lindsay Jill Roth. Markle is at her wedding and became a bridesmaid. Earlier, Megan herself had already shared some footage from that event, but recently unpublished footage from the celebration appeared in the press.

In the photo, slender Megan in a pink dress happily poses for a photographer with a bouquet of flowers. On the Web, they were quick to note: since then, Markle has gained extra pounds, and an ominous shine has appeared in her eyes.

“With such friends and enemies it is not necessary”, “I was a beauty! Who knew what would turn into a fury”, “It seems that she was fundamentally friends with girls less beautiful than her”, “It is strange that disinterested and good-natured Megan did not consider it necessary to invite her friend to her own wedding,” they state.