Armie Hammer will meet ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers in court

In the summer, Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers broke up. The couple has been in a relationship for 13 years and has been married for 10 years. And although the couple parted peacefully and meaningfully, they will have to fight in court for custody of their children – 5-year-old Harper and 3-year-old Ford. Chambers asks for priority in custody, and Hammer insists on joint custody, so he filed a lawsuit.

Now Elizabeth and her children are in the Cayman Islands, where the family moved before the quarantine. After breaking up, Armie returned to Los Angeles and now asks his wife to return to agree on a schedule of custody of his son and daughter. Hammer’s lawyer says the actor hasn’t seen the children in months:

Armie returned to Los Angeles in July. Then Elizabeth promised him that soon she would also return with the children, but they remain in the Cayman Islands.

In a statement, Armi clarified that the ex-wife also promised to return on the next October flight, but did not keep her word.

‘When I asked Elizabeth when she would get home, she first said that the airports were closed. Then, through her lawyers, I was informed that flights were limited, but she and our children would be returning to Los Angeles on the first flight in October. It’s already mid-October, and they are all gone,’ – Hammer said.

In a recent interview, Hammer, speaking about the separation from his wife, noted that it was a time of “great changes.”

‘I think you will not find anyone in the world who would say that this is easy to survive. In any case, parting is a great shock. It carries a lot of pain and changes with it. Change is a universal constant. Change isn’t always bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s painless,’ – said Armie.

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