Elizabeth Chambers, ex-wife of Armie Hammer, and their children still haven’t returned from the Cayman Islands. Recall that the family stayed there during the quarantine, but in the summer, Armie and Elizabeth decided to leave. In July, Armie returned to Los Angeles, while his wife and children remained on the islands.

Elizabeth promised Hammer several times that she would be back in the coming months, but she did not keep her word. Then Armi filed an application with the court with a request to clarify the rules of joint custody of his son and daughter.

In a statement, Armi clarified that the ex-wife promised to return on the next October flight. “When I asked Elizabeth when she would return home, she first said that the airports were closed. Then, through her lawyers, I was told that flights were limited, but she and our children would be returning to Los Angeles on the first flight in October. It’s already mid-October, and they’re all gone, “Hammer complained last month.

In November, the former couple planned to reunite again to celebrate Thanksgiving and discuss custody. But again everything went wrong. Elizabeth and her children did not come to the United States, and Armie was unable to get to the Cayman Islands because he was denied a visa, a source told People magazine. It turns out that Hammer has not seen his children for several months and it is not known when he will meet them.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth shares her daily life on the islands on Instagram and posts pictures of the children. She recently showed kids eating ice cream after school.