The high-profile scandal surrounding 34-year-old Armie Hammer continues to gain traction. Yesterday, his ex-girlfriend Effie Angelova publicly accused the actor of a brutal rape in 2017.

The girl stated that she and Armie met on Facebook and were close from 2016 to 2020. Effie denied Hammer’s earlier claims that all of his sexual activities outside of marriage were fully agreed with the partners.

We met when I was 20 years old. Our relationship developed rapidly, and emotions on both sides were overflowing. Looking back, I understand that all this time, he used manipulation tactics to control me until I started to lose myself. He often tested my loyalty to him by violating my personal boundaries. He became even crueller and used me morally, emotionally and sexually, Effie began her story with tears in her eyes.

Then Angelova moved on to one of the most terrible episodes in their relationship. She recalled how in 2017, Armie Hammer held her in the house for four hours and brutally raped her. The girl also clarified that the actor committed other acts of violence against her, which were not agreed, including beating her with a whip to her legs and hitting her head against the wall.

For four hours, I tried to escape. I realized that he was going to kill me. Then he just left, not caring about what would become of me, – said Angelova.

After a loud statement by Effie Angelova, the Los Angeles police became interested in this case, which is now conducting a thorough investigation. On February 3, investigators took testimony from a woman who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Armie Hammer. Then the police chose to hide the name of the alleged victim. Now, informed sources claim that it was Effie who now decided to declare this publicly.

The girl’s lawyer confirmed that Effie has evidence that corroborates her serious accusations against the Hollywood actor. Shortly, Angelova and her representatives are going to submit them to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Hammer officials have already responded to allegations of a brutal rape. Armi’s lawyer claims that his client’s personal correspondence with Angelova “refutes her outrageous accusations.”

Most recently, on July 18, 2020, Mrs Angelova sent messages to Mr Hammer, in which she tells what she wants him to do with her. Mr Hammer never intended to publicize Mrs Angelova’s perverse sexual desires. But now that she has taken the issue to a new level by hiring a civilian lawyer and holding a public press conference, Mr Hammer has the opportunity to clarify the situation because the truth is on his side, said the actor’s lawyer.

Recall that at the beginning of the year, Armie Hammer’s leaked correspondence with several girls appeared on the network, in which he allegedly confessed his cannibalistic inclinations and discussed BDSM practices. Later, the actor’s ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenz confirmed that he did terrible things to her during their relationship and harmed her both mentally and physically. The actor himself denies the leaked correspondence’s authenticity and claims that all his sexual actions were always clearly coordinated with partners.