In mid-January, the whole world learned the shocking details of 34-year-old actor Armie Hammer’s personal life. Several former girls of Armie immediately leaked their correspondence with the actor, in which he confesses his cannibalistic inclinations and discusses BDSM practices.

Later, one of the actor’s former partners, 22-year-old Paige Lorenz, confirmed that he did terrible things to her in bed and put pressure on her psychologically. Since then, the girl has openly talked about this traumatic experience in conversations with reporters.

So, recently, during a conversation with Vanity Fair, Lorenz once again remembered how her relationship with Armie Hammer developed. Paige called him “a scary person” and admitted that she never felt safe with him.

He began to set rules for me: what I can do, with whom I can communicate. He said that I have no right to sleep with anyone else. Then I began to feel unsafe, which affected my morale. I was emotionally dependent on him – said Paige.

Lorenz also admitted that she broke up with Armie via a text message. This method seemed to the girl the safest because she did not know what to expect from Hammer, in this case, in a personal meeting.

Recall that earlier, Paige Lorenz made a shocking confession that during BDSM games in bed, Armie cut out the first letter of his name with a knife on her pubis. The girl also said that Hammer kept mannequins in the basement of the house where he lived with his wife Elizabeth Chambers and two children to make his sexual fantasies come true. According to Lorenz, Armie was often so carried away that he left bruises on Paige’s body and wanted her to be proud of them.

He wanted me to show them and be proud of them. I said: How can I see someone if I have bruises ?. Then he replied: This is the point, – Paige recalled in one of her past interviews.

At the same time, another former girlfriend of Armie Hammer, Courtney Vuchekovich, claimed that the actor has cannibalistic inclinations. According to her, he said that he wanted to break her ribs, fry them over a fire and eat them.

The actor himself and his representatives deny the authenticity of the correspondence leaked into the network, in which the actor allegedly communicates with his partners. At the same time, Hammer Elizabeth Chambers’ ex-wife, with whom the actor’s divorce became known in the summer, claims that all 10 years of marriage, she did not know about her husband’s inclinations.