Soon in the family of 33-year-old Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Erwin replenishment is coming. About an hour ago, the plus-size model herself shared this good news on her Instagram, posting a photo with a rounded belly. The author of the picture was her husband Justin.

“The past year has been full of small surprises, big disappointments, familiar things and new stories. I’m just now starting to realize and enjoy what this new chapter means to us,” Ashley wrote under the new photo.

For Ashley and her husband Justin Erwin, with whom they have been together since 2009, this child will be the second. They are already raising their son Isaac, who turned one year old in January. In honor of his birthday, the model published a video in which she told what exactly motherhood taught her. So, Ashley admitted that she finally learned what true love is, and also that she learned how to cope with the lack of sleep in her life. The star also addressed all mothers whose pregnancy and childbirth, like hers, fell on the period of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This year has shown us how strong we can be, how we can adapt to new conditions and be tough. I send my love to all those who went through any of the stages of their mother’s path during the pandemic. One year has passed, and I am no longer I can wait to see what lies ahead,” Ashley shared at the beginning of the year.

Due to the fact that baby Ashley and Justin was born at the very beginning of the pandemic, they spent almost the entire first year of his life on the model’s aunt’s farm in her hometown of Lincoln. Thanks to this, Graham was able to fully focus on caring for the baby and constantly be with him exactly at the time when he most needed her.

In her interviews, Ashley Graham has repeatedly admitted that childbirth and pregnancy have completely changed her attitude towards her own body and consciousness in general. Otherwise, the model began to relate to body positivity. Graham simply did not have time to come to terms with how quickly her body transforms during pregnancy:

I said to myself: “But what about what I previously broadcast about body positivity? What about those affirmations that I went through?” However, none of this mattered, because my body was changing very quickly. It really took me a while to realize this. I felt like my body had been captured by an alien.

After giving birth, Ashley also did not immediately accept the gained pounds and new stretch marks on her skin. However, then I looked at all these changes from a different angle and felt like a real superheroine who was able to give birth to a new life.