American astronaut Shane Kimbrough will go into outer space on Sunday from the International Space Station (ISS) in a different spacesuit due to problems encountered in the previous exit, a NASA representative told.

On Wednesday, while leaving with Frenchman Tom Pesquet in a Kimbrough suit, there were problems with the display and control unit, as well as the sublimator that removes heat from the suit, so the astronaut had to temporarily return to the airlock to connect to the onboard power supply and restart the suit. This led to the fact that the astronauts did not have time to complete all the tasks for the installation of the new IROSA solar panel on the American segment of the ISS.

According to the NASA representative, after the release, it was decided to deal with the reasons for the malfunction of the spacesuit, so another spacesuit was prepared for Kimbrough, in which he and Pesquet will go into outer space on Sunday to continue installing and deploying the IROSA panel.