Scientists have finally explained the mysterious structures in the sky. The study has been published on the arXiv preprint site and is currently being prepared for publication in The Astrophysical Journal.

An international team of astronomers has explained the nature of long-known celestial structures of unknown origin. Scientists have hypothesized that the Earth may be surrounded by a giant magnetic tunnel.

As the authors explain, the North Polar Hole (a spur observed in the northern part of the Milky Way) and the fan-shaped region at opposite ends of the sky visible to us can be connected by an extensive system of magnetized “filaments”. Together they most likely make up a structure, its shape resembling a huge tunnel. The authors of the work note that it surrounds not only the solar system, but also several nearby stars.

As noted by one of the study’s authors, Canadian astronomer Jennifer West of the University of Toronto, people could see this structure “wherever they look.” But, unfortunately, human eyes do not pick up radio emission.

Mysterious structures – the North Polar Spur and Fan Region – have been known since the 1960s. But then scientists could not figure out their nature due to the fact that radio astronomy was not sufficiently developed. It is believed that these are traces of a supernova.

Until now, scientists have not connected these objects to each other, but now scientists have analyzed the magnetic threads that connect them. It turned out that these are parts of a single structure resembling a tunnel. According to simulations, the distance from Earth to the structures is about 350 light years, and the total length of the tunnel is 1000 light years.