Scientists have found a hot planet that orbits its star in just 16 hours.

Astronomers have discovered the planet TOI-2109b, which is very close to its star – at a distance of only about 2.4 million km. As a result, a year there lasts only 16 hours – this is how long it takes TOI-2109b to make around its star.

In the solar system, the closest planet to a star is Mercury. It revolves around the Sun in just 88 days at an average speed of 47 km / s, and the distance to the star is only 58 million km. If, instead of Mercury, there was Jupiter in the solar system and, at the same time, much hotter, then it would be similar to TOI-2109b.

The exoplanet is about 855 light-years from Earth. Its 16-hour orbital period is one of the shortest that scientists have ever encountered. Due to its proximity to the star, its surface is very hot, it belongs to the type of super-hot Jupiters.

Recall that hot Jupiters are gas giants that orbit very close to their stars and are distinguished by high surface temperatures. Super-hot Jupiters are even more extreme. Their surface temperatures exceed 2,200 Kelvin (1900 ° C) Astronomers estimate that TOI-2109 b has a daytime temperature of over 3,500 K (3225 ° C) and is as hot as some small stars.