The independent studio Crania Games, known for the games Roots of Insanity and Beyond Extinct, has released its new project on Steam Early Access. A Way To Be Dead is a multiplayer asymmetric horror game in which we have to survive during a zombie invasion or prevent others from doing so.

At the beginning of each match, the team of players, patients of the hospital, is a maniac doctor. The gameplay unfolds as usual: the doctor is trying to kill all patients, the same must be able to survive, find the key and escape.
The process is complicated by zombies who gradually take over the hospital: killed players turn into them. They have a choice whether to crack down on patients or try to ruin the doctor’s life.

So far, A Way To Be Dead is getting a lot of negative reviews, but not because of the technical side: the project runs smoothly and looks quite polished. Players don’t like the balance shifted towards medicine. But the developers will probably eliminate the injustice during the early access.