Tea of the new harvest was sold on average for $40 per 1 kg.

A kilogram package of tea leaves from the central part of Japan was sold on Monday for 1.96 million yen (about $ 15.5 thousand), which became an absolute record for the entire time of such auctions. They are held annually in April in the city of Shizuoka, in the area where the best tea plantations of the country are located, the Kyodo news agency reports.

Experts after tasting noted that the green tea bought for a record price has a unique intense taste and aroma, especially deep color. On Monday, at the auction in Shizuoka, new harvest tea was sold on average for 5 thousand yen (about $40) per 1 kg.

Japan is known for auctions of agricultural products, where price records are often set. So, in July last year, at an auction in the city of Kanazawa, a bunch of grapes of the rare variety “Pimsky ruby” was sold for almost $ 13 thousand.