A fully automated farm replaces workers with robots and artificial intelligence. The farmer people of the future may not have to work in the field.

Australia will see a farm that is controlled by AI and robots, the project cost – $20 million, according to ABC News.

The Hands-Free Farm Project is being developed by researchers at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Australia, in partnership with the Food Agility Cooperative Research Center.

Once completed, the 1,900-hectare farm will be a showcase for the capabilities of robotics and artificial intelligence in agriculture. Technologies on display will include unmanned aerial vehicles, robotic tractors, harvesters and sensors to measure carbon emissions and other indicators. Research on farms where work in the field is controlled by robots is about to undergo practical tests.

The farm, which is being converted to full automation, already operates on a commercial basis and grows a wide range of crops, including wheat, rapeseed and barley, as well as vineyards, cattle and sheep. The first tests will allow her to work at night while the farmers sleep.