Alexandr Ivanov

Function: Web Developer and Editor


Alexandr Ivanov earned his Licentiate Engineer in Systems and Computer Engineering from the Free International University of Moldova.


Since 2013, Alexandr has been working as a freelance web programmer. In 2015, he created a successful career as an information technology expert and began publishing scientific articles in the local journal of the city. In 2017, Alexandr left his career as a programmer and took up creative work, creating artwork. In 2018, together with Ivan Maltsev, he decided to create his own information site Free News.

Now Alexandr is a technical expert in information technology, various fields of science, and also the developer of the website.


In his publications, he shares his experience in the field of science and technology, also provides advice and opinion on new gadgets.

Featured publications and podcasts

  • Free News podcasts about science and technology
  • Publication of scientific articles on information technology and space.
  • Review of new gadgets, announcements, and presentations.
  • Scientific discoveries news articles