Automotive experts from Vanarama examined Apple patents related to transportation and created a 3D model of a possible electric vehicle. Corresponding patents are indicated on every part of the vehicle.

Since Apple still does not disclose any information about the Apple Car, the UK company has provided renders of the car. Car rental company Vanarama has created an incredibly detailed series of images of Apple Car based on real Apple patents. Details are published in the Digital Trends report.

Vanarama has nothing to do with Apple, but British designers showed their vision of the “apple car”. The images show an electric vehicle that resembles the Tesla Cybertruck and Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV. According to Vanarama, the Apple Car has a one-piece glass roof, sunroof, windshields, and retractable door handles. The mesh bumper grille is reminiscent of the design found in the Mac Pro. The signature white and gray color also resembles Apple technology. All these details are speculation by the Vanarama designers.

However, there is one quirk taken from Apple’s 2019 patent is the lack of a center pillar between the front and rear doors. This type of construction is usually not viable because it reduces its strength. However, the Apple patent details how the diagonal support sections will be added to accommodate the reduced stiffness.

Given Apple’s history, the designers have included a large screen in the car’s interior that spans the entire dashboard. Representatives of the company have so far refrained from commenting on the project of the future car.