Pininfarina, one of the world leaders in automotive design, has unveiled the TEOREMA concept car, which reflects a fundamentally new approach to the interaction of passengers with the outside world and with each other during a trip. This was reported press service of WayRay.

The designers first created the interior, and then took care of the exterior of the concept car. The engineers also used a WayRay holographic AR display. Its peculiarity is that it creates a virtual image and literally integrates interface elements into the real world behind TEOREMA glass.

The developers have provided full autonomy for TEOREMA, however, if desired, you can turn on the driving mode. In this case, WayRay’s holographic AR display, integrated with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), helps the driver navigate. It also provides useful information and warns the user of potential road hazards.

The rest of the passengers get access to infotainment AR content: information about the surrounding objects, landscape and sights, additional information about the route. Due to the fact that WayRay is developing its own AR marketplace, a wide variety of entertainment applications will be available to passengers in the future, including from third-party developers, including various types of games.

In the near future, we will be getting a completely new visual experience while traveling. The combination of the virtual world and the real one will give a qualitatively new level of comfort of impressions from the trip for both the driver and passengers. This future is already at arm’s length, as our technology, integrated into TEOREMA, is already ready for series production.

Vitaly Ponomarev, founder and CEO of WayRay

The peculiarity of WayRay holographic AR displays is that they do not project an image on glass, but literally integrate interface elements into the real world behind it with high color saturation and sharpness of the virtual image. The holographic optical element (HOE) integrated into the glass allows the creation of a large virtual image without range restrictions. Also among the key advantages is the small volume of the entire system, which makes it possible to integrate it into cars of different classes.

The all-electric and autonomous TEOREMA concept car was designed by design teams from Cambiano and Shanghai and features an innovative aerodynamic shape. The integration of their developments took place in the Pininfarina virtual laboratory using AR, VR, and MR technologies. TEOREMA dimensions are 1400 mm in height, 5400 mm in length and 2200 mm in width.

TEOREMA has no side doors, which provides additional rigidity and lightness. You can get inside TEOREMA through the rear of the car, while the roof rises up.