According to the auctioneers, they can get “from $200 thousand to $400 thousand.”

Graffiti of Banksy with a boy in a big panama hat and with a crowbar in his hands from the English port city of Lowestoft is eagerly awaited at Julien’s Auctions in the USA. This was reported on Tuesday by the BBC Broadcasting Corporation.

According to the auctioneers, they can help out for another bright creation of a street artist, which was originally framed by a real sandcastle and a hole in the sidewalk with broken slabs, “from $200 thousand to $400 thousand, however, for Banksy’s works and “this is not the limit,” the American trading house noted.

This work is from a series of his ten graffiti about a summer vacation, which appeared in August in resort towns in the eastern English counties of Suffolk and Norfolk. In the series “The Great British Aerosol Holidays” in Lowestoft, in addition to the boy, the master also created graffiti of a rat sitting in a chaise longue, which holds a cocktail martini glass in its paws, and seagulls on the wall next to a dumpster.

The drawing of a boy, which, according to experts, refers to student demonstrations in France in 1968, during which young people actively erected barricades, was seized last week by workers along with a piece of the wall of a former electrical goods store. The shop was put up for sale even before the graffiti was created for 300 thousand pounds ($ 402 thousand), but after the creation appeared on the wall, this amount was raised to half a million pounds.

Art dealer John Brandler believes that Banksy’s work should have been purchased with the help of investors by the city authorities. “Lowestoft received a gift from the artist – a great opportunity to attract thousands of tourists to the city and help the local economy,” but they missed it, the art dealer states.

The works of a mysterious artist who still manages to keep his identity a secret: no one except his closest assistants knows what he looks like and what his real name is – can cost a lot of money. So, his famous painting “Love is in the Bin” was sold at auction last month for 16 million pounds ($ 21.6 million).