The United States is suffering huge losses due to the appearance of one of the NATO country’s anti-aircraft missile systems of Russia.

After Turkey began receiving Russian S-400 Triumph systems in the summer of 2019, the US started to come up with a plan for “revenge.” The White House decided to exclude the Republic from the list of suppliers of components for its fifth-generation F-35 fighters. Although the existing contracts for the production of parts by the Turkish side are still being fulfilled, the Pentagon has already found other contractors.

According to the Milliyet Agency, regarding the representative of the Turkish defense industry, Ismail Demir, the United States will suffer huge losses by its decision. We are talking about 600 million dollars that the Americans need to invest in the F-35 program. As a result, each of these fighters will become more expensive by about $ 9 million.

According to the official, Ankara is not going to transfer the technology of Russian “Triumphs” to the States. At the same time, the country will do everything necessary to prevent any information about the F-35 from leaking to Russia.