While all celebrities are now posting vacation shots in real time, 24-year-old Bella Hadid decided to share archival footage. Yesterday, the model posted a series of photos taken during her vacation back in February. Bella, who is posing in bright bikini in the pictures, spent them at some resort.

“A weekend in paradise. Rare but always valuable”, she wrote.

Bella then rested not alone, but together with her 33-year-old lover, art director Mark Kalman. The couple managed to keep their relationship secret for a long time: their romance became known only last month. But now it turned out that they had already been together at least in February. However, according to rumors, their romance has been going on for almost a year.

“They perfectly hid their romance. If they were going somewhere together, then Mark went out first, took the car, and then Bella got into it. Then they drove up to some place, he dropped her off, but he did not leave, but drove to park the car. They tried very hard not to be noticed together in public”, the insider shared.

This summer, the lovers continued to test their relationship for strength and together spent a vacation in France.

Bella’s personal life, which by virtue of her profession is accustomed to being in the center of public attention, does not like to parade. After an affair with the rapper The Weeknd, with whom Bella broke up two years ago, she has not officially dated anyone.