Bella Hadid lit up in the scandal with Israel, was “revenged” by her own fans. After the model categorically spoke out in support of her homeland, many supporters of Palestine attacked her. Hadid was bullied on social media and demanded that fashion show organizers stop working with Bella.

Bella herself, tired of fighting off the hat, decided to immerse herself in the work even more thoroughly. To look even better, Hadid went to boxing training, where she was spotted by the paparazzi. Later, pictures of the model, in which she shows an excellent body, were published on the Web.

True, the evil commentators considered these shots a good way to take revenge on the star for everything said. Ignoring all the dignity of the star, they began to write depreciating comments under the photo. Among other things, Hadid demanded an apology, and someone decided to criticize her figure.

“She has terrible legs and looks like a punching bag if you know what I mean”, “Still waiting for her to apologize for her hated Twitter”, “Why do all the women around her look better than Hadid? Is it really because of Israel? ”“ Where is the muscle tone? Where is the willpower? Oh, they are not there,” they wrote on the Internet.