Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck were captured while filming together in New Orleans, as the couple continues to work on the film Deep Water, which will be released in 2021. On fresh photographs, fans of the actors saw a diamond ring on Ana’s hand. It is unknown if the decoration belongs to the actress or her character, but fans have suggested that the case smells like an engagement.

And the other day Affleck and de Armas saw at the XIV Carats jewellery store in Los Angeles. The couple was in the company of a mutual friend. Fans suspect Ben and Ana may have travelled to the jewellery store for a Thanksgiving gift. It is unknown if they bought anything.

While the relationship between the actors looks intriguing and mysterious, recall that before the pictures with the ring and the rumours and the engagement, Ben and Ana’s fans sounded the alarm: the couple stopped appearing in public and unsubscribed from each other on Instagram. It looked strange since Affleck and de Armas did not hide their relationship and showed tender feelings for each other even in front of paparazzi cameras, and also shared joint photos on the network. Also, during the quarantine, they moved in, and soon Ben introduced Anu to his children. Affleck’s new lover was even approved by his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. So far, Affleck and de Armas have not made new statements about their relationship.