18 years ago, their wedding was canceled the day before the ceremony.

The romance of 48-year-old actor Ben Affleck and 51-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez continues to gain traction. The stars met in 2003, and after 18 years they decided to renew their relationship.

Recently, the paparazzi spotted Ben walking with their children and daughter Jennifer. The guys have already made friends. They are almost the same age, which means they quickly found a common language.

On the web, Affleck and Lopez’s reunion is called “Bennifer 2.0”, but this does not seem to bother the artists at all. Now they willingly hold hands at all public events.

“Everything is going according to plan for them. Jennifer has never been so happy. It is quite possible that she will go down the aisle with him, “- said a source from the entourage of the star in an interview with The Mirror.

“Ben can propose to JL on her birthday. I know that he is planning to arrange a special day for her on July 24,” added the insider.