Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has ceased to be the richest person globally, losing his leadership in the ranking of the wealthiest people. The corresponding changes appeared in the Forbes Real-Time list, which is updated in real-time.

At the moment, Bezos ‘ fortune is estimated at $ 192.4 billion: during the day, it decreased by 6.76 percent or $ 13.9 billion. The ranking of the richest people in the world was the owner of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH), Bernard Arnault. According to Forbes, his fortune reaches $ 192.9 billion.

The third place in the list is occupied by the head of SpaceX, Tesla CEO Elon Musk. During the day, his fortune increased by $ 2.2 billion and reached $ 179.4 billion.

Bezos ‘ fortune has declined due to the fall in Amazon shares. They fell by 7.56 percent to $ 3.3 thousand per paper after the company submitted reports for the second quarter of 2021. It turned out that for the first time in the last three years, Amazon did not realize analysts ‘ forecasts for revenue growth.