The total cost of the United States to support Kyiv will exceed $ 3 billion.

President Biden spoke at the White House on Thursday morning on the issue of the war in Ukraine and American military assistance to Kyiv.

“Today,” President Biden said, “I am announcing the allocation of another $800 million to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to fight in the east [of the country] in the Donbass region. This package includes heavy artillery, dozens of howitzers and 144 thousand shells for them. It also includes tactical drones.

In recent weeks, we have been able to ship weapons to Ukraine at record speed. We have sent thousands of armor-piercing and anti-missile systems: helicopters, drones, grenade launchers, [as well as] machine guns, submachine guns, radar systems, more than 50 million pieces of ammunition.”

“Only the United States,” the head of the White House continued, “provided Ukraine with more than 10 armor–piercing systems based on each Russian tank in Ukraine – in a ratio of ten to one! We also share, and will continue to share, with Ukraine a significant part of our intelligence that helps Ukrainians repel Russian aggression. We are not just sitting on the funds that Congress has provided for Ukraine: we are sending them directly to the front of the struggle for freedom.”

$800 million is about the same as the previous aid package that the administration announced last week. Thus, the total military assistance provided by America to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion will exceed $ 3 billion.

The President also said that next week he will send a request to Congress for additional appropriations to ensure that weapons and other equipment are sent to Ukraine “smoothly.”

“I want to thank Congress, Democrats and Republicans, for supporting the people of Ukraine,” Joe Biden added. – Our unity within the country, our unity with allies and partners, our unity with the Ukrainian people sends an unmistakable signal to Putin: he will never succeed in dominating and occupying the whole of Ukraine. This is not going to happen!”.

Biden further added that the U.S. administration allocates another $ 500 million as “direct economic assistance to the Ukrainian government.” These funds, as he said, are supposed to be used to stabilize the Ukrainian economy, to eliminate the devastation, and to pay salaries to employees of rescue services and other important government departments.

On the eve of April 20, President Biden received representatives of the American military command at the White House. This time, the annual event has acquired a special character in the context of the active support that the United States provides to Ukraine, which is resisting Russian aggression.

Opening the meeting, Biden noted the courage of Ukrainian soldiers and added that the unity shown by NATO allies in defending Ukraine shocked Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now that the Kremlin has announced a new phase of military operations in Ukraine, Western allies suggest that the Russian invasion could stretch for at least several months.

Recall that the U.S. military does not participate in military operations in Ukraine, but provides military assistance, training and instruction to Ukrainian forces. Later on Thursday, President Biden embarks on a two-day trip to the northwestern United States.