The United States supports the people of Cuba in their right to peaceful protests and free determination of their future, American leader Joe Biden said on Monday.

“We support the people of Cuba and their persistent call for freedom and freedom from the tragic grip of the pandemic, as well as the decades-long repression and economic suffering to which they were subjected by the authoritarian Cuban regime,” Biden is quoted on the White House website.

He added that Cubans “boldly defend their basic and universal rights.”

“These rights, including the right to peaceful protest and free determination of one’s future, must be respected. The United States calls on the Cuban regime to listen to its people and serve their needs at this vital moment, and not to enrich itself,” the US president stressed.

On Monday, actions in support of the Government and the head of state were held in many cities of Cuba. Earlier, many thousands of demonstrations of those who disagree with the actions of the government took place. The protesters demand to solve social problems in the country.