Jen Psaki leaves the White House next week.

U.S. President Joe Biden has appointed Karine Jean-Pierre as the new White House press secretary.

She will be the first black woman and the first openly LGBTQ representative in this position.

Acting press secretary Jen Psaki is stepping down from this post next week. She is expected to move to MSNBC later this year.

Jean-Pierre takes office at a time when Biden is facing a number of foreign policy challenges, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the escalation of North Korea’s missile test program.

Biden plans to visit South Korea and Japan later this month and Europe in June.

“Karine not only has the experience, talent and integrity necessary for this difficult job, she will also continue to pave the way in informing about the work of the Biden-Harris administration in the interests of the American people,” Biden said, describing Jean–Pierre, who has worked as the chief deputy press secretary since the inauguration of the current president.

Psaki, who will leave the White House on May 13, praised her successor as a “partner in truth,” noting the significance of this historic appointment.

Before becoming part of Biden’s campaign staff, Jean-Pierre was the chief public relations specialist at the progressive group and a political analyst at NBC and MSNBC.