The effect of this moratorium was previously extended until the end of July.

US President Joe Biden is calling on the country’s Congress to extend the moratorium on the eviction of citizens who find themselves without funds to pay for housing due to the pandemic crisis. This is reported in a written statement issued on Thursday by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

She notes that “for almost 11 months, introduced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The US moratorium on evictions served as vital support to prevent tenants and their family members who lost their jobs and a permanent source of income due to the pandemic from finding themselves without housing due to the inability to pay rent.

Earlier, as Psaki reminds, the Central Committee extended the validity of the specified moratorium until the end of July. “Given the spread of the delta strain, President Biden would strongly support the decision of the CDC to further extend the moratorium < … > Unfortunately, the [US] Supreme Court has made it clear that this option is no longer available. In June, when the CDC extended the moratorium until July 31, the Supreme Court ruling stated that “the CDC will need a clear and specific permission from Congress < … > to extend the moratorium after July 31,” the White House press secretary explains. In this regard, the US president “calls on Congress to extend the moratorium as soon as possible to protect vulnerable tenants.”

“In addition, he [Biden] asked the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs to extend their respective moratoriums on evictions until the end of September,” Psaki added. Biden also appealed to the state authorities to step up their efforts to help tenants, including as part of the American Rescue Plan package of measures adopted in the United States to combat the pandemic and its consequences.