The administration of US President Joe Biden has requested from Congress for the implementation of NASA programs in 2022 24.8 billion dollars, 6.6% more than a year earlier, said at a briefing on Friday, the head of the agency Bill Nelson.

According to the head of NASA, the budget proposed by the president is ” aggressive and moves the agency forward.”

Nelson noted that the budget pays special attention to Earth exploration programs. The budget requested $ 2.25 billion for this – a record amount, according to Nelson. By comparison, $ 2 billion was requested for Earth exploration in the fiscal year 2021.

$ 1.3 billion has been requested to support the operation of the International Space Station in 2022, and $ 6.8 billion has been budgeted for deep space exploration. The President’s draft budget for the next fiscal year, which begins on October 1, goes to Congress, where it may undergo significant changes. After consideration by Congress, adoption of amendments, and approval, it must be signed by the President.