The U.S. President noted that he had read most of what the Russian President wrote.

The U.S. President Joe Biden believes that he should not be blamed for underestimating Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I did not underestimate him,” the American leader said, answering questions from journalists at the White House on Thursday. Biden was asked to clarify whether he believes he underestimated Putin. “And I read most of what he wrote,” the U.S. president stressed.

Biden was also reminded that a few months ago he called Putin a “worthy opponent.” “He was then,” he replied. He made a speech that concerned Russia’s decision to conduct a special military operation in response to the appeal of the leaders of the republics of Donbas.

Biden promised that Russia’s “aggression” would cost her dearly. “Economically and strategically, we will achieve this,” he is convinced. According to him, countries should not put up with Moscow’s policy.