The American leader welcomed the adoption of the first part of the large-scale plan in the Senate.

The U.S. Congress will approve a $3.5 trillion infrastructure development plan for the country, either in whole or a significant part of it. American President Joe Biden expressed this opinion on Tuesday, answering questions from journalists at the White House.

The upper house of Congress approved earlier in the day an infrastructure development plan, agreed by the White House and a group of senators from both parties, in the amount of more than $1 trillion. Senators who go on vacation until mid-September should also consider the second part of a large-scale plan to improve the US infrastructure – a $3.5 trillion package that includes the main priorities of the Democrats.

Biden was asked if he believes that lawmakers will approve at least part of this initiative.

“We’ll see. I continue to remain optimistic. < … > I think we will be able to get a significant part, if not all,” the head of state noted.

He welcomed the adoption of the first part of the large-scale plan in the Senate.

“We are again ready to literally make the same unprecedented investments that so often [in the past] allowed America to build the future and surpass competitors around the world,” the American leader said.

Now the first part of the plan will have to be considered by the House of Representatives of the Congress, which has gone on summer vacation until the end of the month. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party in the lower house of the legislature is skeptical about this proposal. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (Democrat from California) earlier said that she would not put the initiative to a vote until the Senate approves a large-scale package worth $ 3.5 trillion.