The talks between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva dealt a blow to American interests; this opinion was expressed by the president of the US Center for Security Policy and former CIA analyst Frederick Fleitz in an article for Newsmax.

During the summit, the parties agreed to hold additional talks on cybersecurity and arms control, Joe Biden, as expected, “read out a list of Russian misdeeds” and then called for stable and predictable relations between the two states, the author of the article noted. But these “positive moments” faded after the press conferences held by the presidents of Russia and the United States, he said.

Thanks to his successful speech to journalists, Vladimir Putin won a “diplomatic victory” over his American counterpart, Frederick Fleitz believes.

“Biden has shown the world that he can no longer do much, as well as his inability to represent the United States in front of foreign rivals. He gave Putin a diplomatic victory and got nothing in return for America,” the author of the article is sure.

The US president’s speech was incoherent, and the answers to the media were banal, he said.

“The impression was that he was nervous and even trying to defend himself,” Fleitz writes.

Meanwhile, the Russian president, speaking at a press conference, looked competent and confident, he said. Vladimir Putin made it clear that he completely rejects Joe Biden’s criticism of Russia, pointed to human rights violations by the United States, and accused the US military of killing civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, writes a former CIA analyst.

In his opinion, the Russian president “successfully used” the summit, and the United States did not get any benefit from the meeting.