The U.S. President noted that the authorities still do not know the exact number of victims.

U.S. President Joe Biden called the tornadoes that hit a number of regions of the country the largest in history and said he was ready to approve the declaration of a state of emergency in several states with requests from governors.

“This is probably the largest tornado in our history. I spoke today [by phone] with the governors of the affected states – Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee,” Biden said on Saturday, making a statement in Wilmington (Delaware), where he is spending the weekend…> People have lost their homes, businesses, it’s a tragedy. We still don’t know the exact number of victims. The Federal government will do everything possible to help.”

The U.S. President said that he had instructed emergency and rescue services to be deployed in the territories covered by the disaster, as well as to establish water supply and supplies of necessary goods. “FEMA [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] is working in each of the states, assessing the damage and the need for support where it is required,” he said.

Biden recalled that he had previously approved the declaration of a state of emergency in Kentucky. “This mobilizes the federal emergency response system for Kentucky. I am ready to take similar measures for the governors of other states. I have made it clear to them [the governors] that if they request an emergency declaration, I will also ask FEMA to offer additional federal resources,” the president said.