US Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden called current White House host Donald Trump incompetent, commenting on his attacks on Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. With this assessment of the American leader, Biden spoke on Sunday in their first joint interview with Harris since the nomination, which they gave to ABC.

As follows from the previously published excerpt of the interview, the presenter asked Harris, who is a senator from the state of California, to comment on the words of Trump, who previously called her nasty, insane, angry, pointing out that of all senators she is the least respectful. “I believe that Donald Trump is uttering a lot that, in his opinion, should distract the American attention from his daily duties. This is about neglect, negligence, and harm to the people of the United States, ”Harris said.

“And also about incompetence,” Biden himself continued, noting the inadmissibility of such statements on the part of the US President. – No president has ever said anything like that. No president has ever used such words”.

At the same time, commenting on the words of 74-year-old Trump that a democrat due to his old age will not be able to fully cope with the duties of the president, 77-year-old Biden advised the president to “keep an eye on him.” He also answered in the affirmative to the host’s question about whether, despite his age, he would be ready to run for a second presidential term. “Undoubtedly,” said Biden, who will be 81 at the time.

Biden expressed confidence that he can win the elections without holding rallies in his support in the context of the pandemic.

The host drew the attention of the Democratic candidate to the fact that the current US President Donald Trump is conducting an active election campaign, traveling around the country and meeting with his supporters. “Restrictions have been introduced due to the pandemic, which complicate the campaign. But can you win the presidential election without leaving your home?” – the presenter asked Biden.

“We will definitely win them! – stressed in response to the candidate from the Democratic Party. “We will follow scientific data, recommendations of scientists.” He noted that he considers it inappropriate to travel around the country in a situation where a large crowd of people will be associated with the risk of spreading the infection.

“Look at how his [Trump’s] events end – people are dying,” Biden said. – These people get together without wearing masks, become infected with the coronavirus, and eventually die. And these are people from among his most convinced supporters”.

The Democratic presidential candidate, if he wins the elections in November, intends to support the American police and accuses the current head of state of seeking to limit funding for the country’s law enforcement.

The politician was asked to comment on Trump’s statements, who accused Biden of intending to pass a law to cut police funding.
“Not. It is he [Trump] who proposes to cut financial support for the police on the ground by $ 500 million, ”the Democrat said.

“On the contrary, I think that she [the police] needs more help,” Biden said. “It’s about protecting residential areas and people”, he added. The Democrat advocates greater transparency in the allocation of the work of law enforcement agencies and a clear delineation of the powers of officials responsible for this issue.

Biden believes that President Trump is shying away from finding solutions to the problems associated with the spread of coronavirus in the country. “I don’t blame him [US President Donald Trump] for the COVID-19 crisis [caused by the new coronavirus],” he said. “I blame him for shirking problems and not looking for solutions.”

When asked if he believes the death rate from the effects of coronavirus is on the rise, Biden referred to a study by Columbia University School of Medicine, which he said, “If he [Trump] had taken action a week earlier, he would have saved 37 thousand lives”. “If the measures had been taken two weeks earlier, it would be more than 50,000”, Biden continued. “It is necessary to tell Americans the truth, to enable scientists to express their point of view and not interfere with them.”

When asked who should receive the first vaccine against coronavirus, Kamala Harris noted that equitable distribution of the drug among all segments of the population is of great importance. “We discussed this with Joe [Biden], and we need to have a plan to deploy resources to get the vaccine to as many people as possible and as quickly as possible,” she said. “There are different needs for different groups, and we talked about the need to monitor situations where unequal conditions may arise, dictated by different geographic conditions, different racial composition of the population, and this plan is needed now”.