Joe Biden stressed that during the Passover holiday, the people of Ukraine and other peoples of the world are also in the hearts of people who “heroically fight against tyranny and are an inspiration for everyone.”

“Passover is a holiday whose ancient history has inspired humanity for thousands of years,” Biden said. “For many, this will be the first time in three years that families and friends will be able to gather at the Seder table (Seder Pesach – ritual family meal).”

According to the U.S. President, the fact that representatives of the Jewish communities of the USA and Israel can gather again at the family table is evidence of the “saving miracle of modern medicine and progress” achieved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will celebrate together again the exodus of the enslaved Israelites from Egypt. And we will retell the eternal story of the human desire for freedom,” Biden said. – Redemption. Faith. Hope. And finally, liberation. A story that brought comfort and a sense of hope to Jewish communities that have experienced acts of persecution, pogroms and even genocide throughout their history.”