According to the former Vice President, the administration does not show sufficient efficiency.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden, the likely Democratic presidential candidate, on Sunday accused Republican President Donald Trump of a slow response to the threat of coronavirus.
“This is about speed, and I don’t think it was enough,” Biden said.

According to him, in the current crisis, Trump needs to “work faster.”

Earlier, Trump praised Biden for the President’s actions in January when he stopped flights from China to the United States.

However, Biden objected: “We turned around slowly. Forty-five countries before us stopped flights from China.”

Biden said that the country may need two more anti-crisis aid packages in addition to the $ 2 trillion package that Trump signed more than a week ago. The President and some Democrats in the congressional leadership have suggested that additional assistance may be needed, but it seems that for now, Washington is leaning toward seeing how the already approved aid will work before passing a new bill.

Biden said that he would wear a mask if he ventured out in public, but for now, he remains at his home in Delaware. American health authorities recommend wearing masks when leaving the house.
However, Trump said on Saturday that he would not implement this recommendation.

“Maybe he doesn’t like the way he looks in a mask,” Biden said of Trump. – I want to say that you need to listen to the conclusions of science.”

According to him, Trump should “take full advantage” of the Law on defense production and order American corporations to increase production of medical supplies.

He attacked Trump for refusing to reopen the national health insurance program, known as Obamacare, which was adopted during the years of President Barack Obama, under which Biden was the second person in the state.

“This leaves people vulnerable to this problem,” Biden said.

Trump said that the government will pay for the costs of Americans for treatment for coronavirus, but refused to expand the Obamacare program.