The leaders of the United States and France conducted a review of recent diplomatic contacts.

The U.S President Joe Biden and French leader Emmanuel Macron discussed the situation around Ukraine during a telephone conversation on Sunday and expressed their commitment to “holding Russia accountable for its actions.” This is stated in a statement by the White House press service.

According to her, the purpose of the conversation was “to discuss Russia’s war against Ukraine.” “They reviewed recent diplomatic contacts and stressed their commitment to holding Russia accountable for its actions, as well as supporting the government and people of Ukraine,” the text says.

“The two heads of state agreed to tighten the sanctions already adopted against Russia, provide support to Ukraine and jointly take all useful initiatives to end hostilities. They will continue to maintain close contacts on this issue,” the message says.

It is noted that in the conversation, Macron also expressed his condolences to Biden in connection with the death of American journalist Brent Reno in Ukraine.

The leaders also touched upon the topic of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

“During the conversation, the two heads of state discussed the progress of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. They will continue to coordinate their actions in the coming days,” the message says.

It is noted that Macron “expressed full support” for Zelenskiy and “spoke in detail about the additional assistance that the European Union decided to provide [to the Ukrainian leader]” at a recent summit in Versailles, France.