If the resolution had not been approved, the country could have faced a new suspension of the government.

The U.S. President Joe Biden signed an initiative on temporary funding of the federal government until March 15 inclusive. The notification of this was distributed by the press service of the White House.

The resolution was approved earlier this week by both houses of Congress. In the United States, the 2021 fiscal year ended on September 30, but lawmakers could not agree on a full-fledged budget for 2022 for a long time. In this regard, they were forced to adopt temporary resolutions to extend the financing of the government. The previous such document is valid until March 11 inclusive. If the new resolution had not been approved by this time, the United States could face a new suspension of the government.

Biden is also expected to sign an initiative next week to fund the U.S. government for the remainder of the current fiscal year (starting in October 2021) in the amount of $1.5 trillion. This package, which, in particular, includes humanitarian, military and economic assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 13.6 billion, was approved by the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday, senators approved it on Thursday. This initiative will allow the federal government to be funded until September 30 of this year.