After the former Vice President’s “Super Tuesday” triumph, Sanders was hoping to take revenge in Michigan, where he defeated Clinton four years ago.

Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in Michigan, gaining a key state that gave momentum to the insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders four years ago.

The former Vice President’s victory in Michigan, as well as in Missouri and Mississippi, dealt a major blow to Sanders, who is desperately trying to reinvigorate his fading campaign.

Sanders may still make a dash when the results of the vote in Idaho, North Dakota and Washington State become known. However, in these States, fewer party Convention delegates are at stake than in Mississippi, Missouri, and Michigan, where Biden’s convincing results showed his popularity among working-class and African-American voters, who are crucial to winning the official Democratic nomination.

The vote was a dramatic turn of fate for Biden, whose campaign seemed on the verge of collapse just two weeks ago.

Sanders opened the primary and Caucus season with good results in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, but then Biden bounced back in South Carolina and cemented his success with a surprise rout in the Super Tuesday last week.

Sanders was hoping to take revenge in Michigan, where his victory four years ago gave him a lot of weight in the primary confrontation with Hillary Clinton.

Speaking at a rally in Philadelphia, Biden asked Sanders supporters to support his efforts.

“We need you, we want you, and there is a place for each of you in our campaign. I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and enthusiasm,” Biden said. – We have a common goal, and together we will defeat Donald Trump.”

While the fight is becoming more and more clear, the candidates ‘ campaigns are facing new uncertainty over concerns about the coronavirus.

Sanders and Biden abruptly canceled public events in Ohio that were scheduled for Tuesday night. Sanders’ staff said decisions on all future events would be made on a case-by-case basis, while Biden canceled a planned stop in Florida.

The Democratic National Committee also said that the upcoming Sunday debate between Sanders and Biden will be held without audience participation.

Tuesday’s vote was the first in the current primary season when the choice of voters narrowed to two people-Sanders and Biden. It showed that Sanders has not yet managed to strengthen his appeal among African-Americans, after defeats in the South of the United States in the “Super Tuesday.” Meanwhile, Biden was gaining momentum after winning in South Carolina.