A senior source in the presidential administration spoke about how the United States will build relations with Russia.

According to a senior US administration official, the United States highly appreciates the joint work with Russia regarding the resumption of cross-border humanitarian assistance to Syria. The source noted that the relevant UN resolution was adopted with the support of Russia, and has an important humanitarian significance.

President Joe Biden, in a conversation with Putin, also stressed the need for the Kremlin to take measures against hackers operating from Russia and spreading malicious ransomware. The United States, for its part, is stepping up measures necessary to protect the infrastructure.

“The president called on US federal agencies to improve protection against hackers, based on his May decree on improving cybersecurity in the country,” the employee told reporters.

He added that requests were sent to Russia through official channels regarding some cybercriminals suspected of committing crimes, and at the moment the responsibility for taking measures against them lies with the Russians.