US President Joe Biden has promised to allocate $ 160 billion for measures to combat the coronavirus and funds for one-time payments to the population as part of the plan to save America.

“Here’s what’s in this plan. First, it provides $ 160 billion for our national strategy to combat COVID, which includes additional money for the production, delivery, and arrangement of vaccination points,” he told reporters on Friday.

The authorities also intend to give out $ 1,400 per person to those who “need it,” Biden said.

“The guys who earn 300 thousand dollars (a year) will not receive any manna from heaven. But if you’re a family, that’s a different story. One earns 30 thousand dollars, the other – 40 or 50. Yes, they need the money, and they will get it. And here’s what I want to do. I don’t want to cut the size of the checks. It will be $ 1,400, period,” the US president said.

The funds will also include funding for free meals for those in need, extending until the end of September job loss insurance that was supposed to expire in March of this year, Biden added.